Case Study #1 Keysight

Keysight Case Study
  1. ES team with developers, architects
  2. Platform setup on AWS (not managed)
    • Elasticsearch
    • Logstash
    • Kafka
    • Spark
    • Springboot microservices on AWS Elastic Beanstalk and API Gateway
  3. End-to-end development of dCX Platform
    • SQL and Salesforce connectors
    • Partial and full indexing setup
    • Entity wise index design
    • Generic query microservices
    • Realtime indexing microservices
    • Search features include field level boosting, filtering, full text/nested/wildcard/partial search, sorting, faceting, pagination
    • Complex typeahead usecase with multi level nested faceting
    • KPIs
    • Scripts setup for dashboard data

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