Case Study #4 Monitoring Solutions Using Solr / LuceneAhology

Ahalogy Case Study


Leading sentiment analysis and marketing player was facing issues with performance of existing setup which was jeopardizing plans for 3x growth within 6 months.

Typical situations:

  • Query response times taking upto 7-8 s
  • AWS hosting costs high and with anticipated growth, it was critical to define growth strategy
  • Skeletal monitoring and metrics

Ahalogy – Solution

Achieved using:

  • Performance Tuning and Optimization
  • Setup and defined strategy for infra-sizing from current QPS to 10x QPS
  • Setup comprehensive monitoring & metrics based on benchmarks
  • Optimized and set guidelines for memory, heap, and GC
  • Schema Optimization

Ahalogy – Implementation

Infra-sizing covering:

  • Hardware
  • Memory
  • Cores
  • Shards
  • Replicas
  • Solr Cloud
  • Indexing

Scaling strategy

Application Profiling and Schema Optimization

Ahalogy – Implementation

Pipeline optimization:

  • Query
  • Index

Defined roadmap for Solr upgradation

Established baseline benchmarks

Defined parameters to track for pro-active monitoring

Ahalogy – Benefits

  • Increased Efficiency

!!QTimes reduced drastically to < 300 ms

  • ROI > 200% !!

Right-sizing of infrastructure – based on AWS spot-rates

  • Ready for tomorrow, today!

Setup monitoring tools and benchmarks for metrics

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