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About Algolia

Our mission is to make every search interaction meaningful and rewarding through developer-friendly and enterprise-grade APIs. Algolia helps the most innovative companies across all industries create powerful, relevant and scalable discovery experiences for their users. Algolia’s hosted platform reduces the complexities of building and scaling a fast, relevant digital experience and helps teams accelerate development time.

Algolia is an AI-powered search and discovery platform for dynamic experiences that helps businesses maximize the speed of search and discovery, while solving the pain of relevance tuning through AI.

Nextbrick team is able to get the most out of Algolia by working with large databases and APIs and developing enterprise grade solutions to optimize and personalize your search at scale. This means increasing conversions and search speeds as your business grows.

Algolia provides a dashboard that lets you customize your website’s search as well as view search analytics. The dashboard enables your business and marketing teams to engage and customize the search experience to the benefit of your users.

~ Agolia Benefits ~

How Algolia Integration Benefits Your Business

Optimize query, response time, Indexing time

Promote specific products or brands

Elasticsearch support services

Add personalization to your search

Solr Optimize index size , disk, cpu, ram, server utilization

Test different search configurations

elasticsearch Indexing Development

Get insights and analytics on your products

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