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Value Proposition

The NextBrick value proposition to our customers is governed by the NextBrick Value Framework.

NextBrick leverages the strength of each of these elements of our foundation to provide customer with cost effective, robust, scalable e-business solutions. The essence of our approach lies in integrating these elements to present harmonized and optimized solutions customized for the individual preferences of our customers.

The Framework elements encourage us to:

  • Improve speed to market for our customer
  • Reduce cost using our (low cost delivery model) Delivery capability
  • Quality Processes and Methodologies
  • Rapid Response cycles
  • Iterative development methodology gives customer Flexibility

We have developed several Products in the Content Value Chain designed to boost online resources usage, provide easier access to available resources, increase communication channels within the organization, offer easier ways to execute tasks and enhance employee productivity. Our quick to install products enhance ROI on your existing installations with very little incremental cost and effort. The rapid deployment and usage of the features of the products creates competitive differentiators for your organization. These flexible solutions offer the much-needed flexibility to address changing business trends and dynamic business requirements.

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