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Elastic Search 8.5: Minimize Time to Observability and Streamline Security Workforce

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Ever since it has been rolled out in 2010, Elasticsearch has hit high on the charts as the highest in-demand search engine and finds its prominent use in use cases related to log analytics, full-text search, security intelligence, business analytics, and operational intelligence.

The latest replication of the world’s leading platform for search-powered solutions is Elastic 8.5, which is now available for generic usage.

Elastic 8.5 introduces a broad set of new capabilities to the Elastic Search Platform, including Elastic Enterprise Search, Elastic Observability, and Elastic Security.

Elastic 8.5

Elastic Enterprise Search is the most powerful and versatile Elasticsearch-powered search and discovery experience for modern enterprises.

  • The new Elastic Enterprise Search (EES) version 8.5 includes advanced vector search functionality—including hybrid ranking—which combines vector similarity with query scoring. In addition, the integration with MongoDB and MySQL streamlines data ingestion, and new machine learning ingests pipelines to help simplify data enrichment.

Let us find out how Elastic Enterprise Search has evolved with Elastic 8.5. Elasticsearch Consulting involves conversion of metrics, logs and traces into actionable IT insights that help you visualize and debug your entire digital ecosystem.

  • By employing Elastic 8.5, Elastic Observability SREs and DevOps engineers are able to auto-instrument the already present .NET applications within their respective domains. You obtain an entirely transparent view of your complete .NET application environment in a matter of a few minutes, irrespective of the fact that your applications are operating within containers, in IIS, or as Windows or Linux services, devoid of the need to recompile any binaries. Elastic Observability has come a long way with Elastic 8.5. Elastic Security integrates SIEM, keeping it secure till the end and cloud security, which assists professionals to hold back, track down, and hit back at risks as soon as possible and at a cloud scale.
  • Another feature that Elastic 8.5 adds to Elastic Security is the introduction of an unexplored aspect of threat intelligence management — putting investigation on the fast track, taking action and restoration. This equips the SOC to make the most of this and strengthen the solution’s quickly developing SOAR practicality, leveraging the contemporary SIEM.
  • Elasticsearch Consulting Services are search-oriented; all of them have been created on a single integrated batch — the Elastic Stack, which can be accessed in the form of a managed service on AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud by way of Elastic Cloud. As and when Elastic 8.5 is brought up to date, it becomes possible to carry on intelligent searches using vector search with HNSW (now GA), identify log rate spikes in a shorter time and allocate situations for easier association. Moreover, Elastic Cloud 8.5 packs an added benefit of a new health status page. The benefit of this page is that it makes it simple to determine and resolve cluster performance-related problems.

So all those who are interested in going for a more advanced way of converting data into intelligence that delivers tangible results, have a reason to be happy. Elastic 8.5 can now be accessed from Elastic Cloud — which is the sole hosted Elasticsearch service that comprises every advanced constituent in this newly launched version.

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