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Enhance the Customer Experience with Al-Powered Search!

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ll the people have reported that the customer experience is considered as one of the most essential things for them. It is believed that most of the retail focuses on the customer experience so as to increase the goodwill in the market. Through the data, one can know that around 26 percent of retail’s prime focus is customer experience and the second things are customer service.

The retailers seem to miss some of the essential factors that might help in boosting the customer experience. When it comes to the user, the prime thing that strikes in the mind is the e-commerce sites and their function.

When Search Fails, Consumers Bounce

If the good search result is not present, the user will come to a conclusion that the company is not having the kind of product that is desired by them and will go to some other website- smith states. By having the poor research, the sale of the company along with the costumer might get dissatisfied all the time. This will lead to loss of potential customer and the sale of the company might lose.

Retailer’s Big Data Solution is AI

The retailers have searched a lot in enhancing the customer experience and the end solution to the problem is technology. According to the chief technology officer, Grant Ingersoll the technology plays a vital role when it comes to the e-commerce sites.

It is believed that the retailers end up investing a lot of money in the content management system(CMS), e-commerce as well as for analytics. It is because these are one of the most essential parts of the e-commerce website.

With the advent of technology in artificial intelligence(AI) along with machine learning(ML) they have taken the performance of the website on the other level. Retailers need to add more advanced search technology in their site.

Some of the most essential data that is required in the e-commerce search are as follows:

  • Search terms
  • Pages viewed
  • Items added
  • Items subtracted from the cart
  • Purchased and much more.

Data help in making a search in a right manner. Pedro Palacios, associate director of commerce strategy at global marketing agency VML, in a story for Internet Retailer, told that all the data rip for integration with AI. All the tools basically rely on the manual product categorization along with the keywords. Moreover, the AI can be a great changer in search.

Learning is considered as the best way of providing a complete solution to the problems that are big in nature- FitForCommerce Annual Report 2018. “ the system is said to e smarter when it provides a better result”. Along with Software-as-a-service(SaaS) models are designed for all the retail applications, Moreover, now all the retailers can get the AI at a low cost in different sizes.”

According to Consumer Experience in the Retail Renaissance, a report by Deloitte Digital and Salesforce- The organization’s impact of AI is larger, adoption rates are still less”. The search has become very popular when it comes to the retailer as it helps in building a brand name.

Choose an AI Vendor Based on Specific Needs

The retailers that need to select the vendor for the e-commerce search should not spend a lot of time as it might create trouble on the website. Ingersoll gives a suggestion to all the retailers should ask the question themselves so that they can discover the search along with AI/ML as it will help in driving the value of the business accurately.

Once you have got the answer to all the essential questions, Ingersoll says that the retailers have a direct conversation towards all the key performance indicators, branding objectives of the company. Some of the ideas for the questions are as follows-

Different ways in which the result of the search can be ranked for instance- the customer click over the past purchase, or the inventory availability? What other factors can help in determining the search result?

  1. If you do the recommendation than how many factors do you consider?
  2. Can we adjust the result of the setting and the experience?
  3. Does planning is performed using real-time data?
  4. Will the system allow in using the KIPs? Can the search predict all the new synonyms before staring the result
  5. Can one set the custom metric? What kind of metric is used for scoring?
  6. How is personalization done in the system? What factors are used in the personalization process?
  7. How does this technology help in business changes?
Hesitation Is Risky

“If a person wishes to enhance the successful along with AI and think that one is having a threat from AI-driven competitors, then start learning different applications along with the AI methods. All the vendors are adding a vast variety of knowledge as well as the models that make use of various techniques from natural language. So, if the vendor wishes to exist in the market, then they will surely look for AI.

The above lines state that it’s not too late to get started with such a tool to lead the market.

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