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Five advantages you will get in running Elastic Stack

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We will talk about Elastic Stack here that is an open-source tool, and every user can download it on any platform and use it according to his/her convenience.

A few words about Elastic Stack:

An Elastic Stack is a free-to-use digital platfrom that has a bunch of technical features. It offers an Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana and used to be known as ELK, which has now gone outdated. But before you get impressed with it being an open-source tool, it would be better if you sit back and consider an efficient alternative for better cloud-based implementation.

In this race of finding the most cost-effective digital platform, the DIY ideas must be grabbing your attention and seem to be promising but for the short-time runs only. And it would eventually create problematic situations that would surely cost you much more.

Merits of using Elastic Stack in Cloud:

Looking for some practical yet convincing reasons to use ELK? Here, you will get everything that is required:

Immediate results with the least human efforts:

Accessing the Stack instantly is the most interesting benefit if using elastic Stack on the cloud. This installation process involves the installation of every component, including kibana, logstash, and elasticsearch.

And the most important thing to take care of is downloading and installing each component in the specific order. And it is preferable to use a prebuilt package for installation as it will make your work convenient, and we think this is compelling enough to prefer using this open-source tool.

Elastic stack architecture:

This digital platform to be used for cloud-implementation consists of two main components, including data collectors and server components.

The server components include elasticsearch is the main engine that handles search and all the online analysis. Moreover, there are several other components, including data nodes, kibana server, ingestion nodes, and master nodes. All of them manage different things, like the master nodes manage the cluster because of the elasticsearch, and data nodes are the ones that can store indexed data.

The data collectors have mainly two components, including beats and logstash.

Enhanced scalability:

The main point of attraction is the elastic Stack’s capability of enabling its users to search in massive volumes. However, this capability can be limited if you use it on your own infrastructure, and here cloud is the platform that would help.

Optimized performance and monitoring:

ELK has an interesting feature of minimal system requirements, but the entire performance depends on the fine-tuning you or your team does.

And if you use elastic Stack using sematext cloud, this fine-tuning will be handled on your behalf. And talking about the configuration, it will be efficiently done by your hosting provider. This usage of sematext cloud will vanish the requirement of an optimum elasticsearch knowledge and skills to fine-tune the system.

Optimum data storage and security:

Suppose you were using your own data storage and have been archiving the data till now. In that case, you must be putting in extra efforts in archiving the data and deleting it afterward once the retention period is over.

But adding to your convenience, elastic Stack makes it even more simpler for you. If you use elastic Stack on the cloud, you can archive the data in cloud storage, and the efficient sematext logs will automatically keep on purging your old data.

Automatic updation:

Keeping the stacks updated enhances its performance and your working efficiency. And it becomes your or your team’s responsibility to keep it up-to-date and pay attention to the notifications whether the new update is available or not.

But the cloud-based ELK solutions or elasticsearch keeps putting the entire setup on auto-update schedules. These automatic updates ensure the elimination of security threats and brilliant performance.

Final words

The most beneficial feature is the total cost of ownership. This cloud-based usage of elastic Stack is lower than any other installation that you will manage yourself or hire some experts’ team for managing.

Not only the convenience, but there are several other features like data retention, security, storage management, and automatic update handlings. And in case you need any assistance, please contact us as we will help you instantly with a professional production support team for elastic Stack.

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