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Getting to Know the All-New Sitecore 10.3

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Sitecore launched version 10.3 for XM and XP platforms this December, which is the first known rollout since version 10.2.

So What Makes the New Sitecore

Sitecore 10.3 integrates its XM/XP platforms with XM Cloud. This is evidenced by the fact that SXA Headless and Integrated Web Hook architecture​ fit in 10.3 – like XM Cloud.

GraphQL Authoring and Management API

With Sitecore Authoring and Management API, management of Sitecore content, etc. gets a GraphQL endpoint. The API can be utilized to do custom authoring practices and functions that earlier necessitated the Sitecore user interface.

Both read/write are possible through this API and are easily upgradable, without applying changes within the process customizations.

Flow of Work

The Content Editor allows developing webhooks to get online occurrence-related notifications and workflow activities happening within XM. It also allows the inclusion of Endpoint validation for an item for workflow-related alterations.

In case of a tracked event or a workflow activity, XP transmits the information to a given URL within an HTTP POST. The webhook request payload may be transmitted as JSON or XML.


The new Embeddable Forms Framework allows the addition of a Sitecore Form to every webpage, as well as pages that do not use a Sitecore application. The embedded form is ineffective for any utility or style on the page.

xConnect and the xDB

In the new version, xConnect Data Tools comprises the Data Export Tool, using which contact and exchanges from your database set can be transported to data files.

The data export tool can export contacts or exchanges with all the listed contact or interaction features within the model. Data can be filtered based on defined criteria such as end date.

Sitecore 10.3 helps xConnect apply an error management approach that tracks such HTTP temporary failings, and by default, resends the requests.


Through the addition of a new API, you can detect the database which raised a publish event. Identifying the database is crucial for updating the caches on, such as remote Sitecore CD instances.

New Add-Ons in 10.3 Release

  • Headless Services v21 is an important factor with version 10.3 of the platforms. A new starter kit is likely to be available for all new projects on Next.js 12.3.x on React 18.
  • Sitecore Host (as well as the other dependent parts like Publishing Service and Identity Server 7) got updated with .NET 6.0, an LTS edition of a framework and has enhanced efficiency.
  • The assisted variant of Solr is 8.11.2.
  • EXM users can gain from OAuth endorsement with third-party services for custom SMTP.
  • Horizon, will not get updated after version 10.2. It continues to function with 10.3 platforms, Sitecore is incompatible with 10.3 or those that follow.
  • Management Services 5.0 providing publishing to Experience Edge can now publish one component and some enhancements.
  • Search has improved in several ways, like searching on ID and path and searching for unquoted terms yields precise and likely outcomes.
  • Above 160 other aspects from customers were rectified and made part of 10.3!

If you feel this setup little tough to do it yourself, you can hire Sitecore consulting and support services to complete Sitecore Serialization installation and configuration setup.

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