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How Does Big Data Ecosystem work?

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Before knowing how Big Data Ecosystem works, it is important to know what Big Data is. In simple words, Big Data can be explained as a field that deals with extremely large data sets that can’t be arranged or analyzed by traditional methods. Big Data is used in the fields like health, internal security, energy, finance, etc.

The ecosystem of Big Data may seem intimidating for those who are not tech-savvy or good with numbers. The core of the Big Data economy is infrastructure technologies that are responsible for storing and analyzing the vast expanse of data. There are some major technologies that deal with multi-structured and unstructured data. Some of them are:

Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) Databases: This technology is popularly known as MPP database. It works by dividing large databases by spreading them across different nodes and then processing them parallelly. The majority of MPP Databases run on pricey hardware that is specially customized for it.

Hadoop: The key factor of this technology is the fundamental practice where monolithic data sets are not analyzed in one go but are broken up and then distributed into different parts. Later these small parts are studied individually and simultaneously.

NoSQL: The full form of NoSQL is Not Only SQL. This technology specializes in processing huge volumes of data that are multi-structured. NoSQL is especially well versed with managing discreet data.

While infrastructure technologies are well equipped to evaluate Big Data, there are still some specific technologies that offer specialized data analyses. These include Business Information Platform, Analysis Platform, Visualization Platform, and Machine Learning. These technologies have very fast scanning abilities and can go through millions of pages to get a certain answer.

Even though Big Data provides excellent insights, managing it is a resource-rich and time-consuming job. There has been a rise in the number of outsourcing companies such as Nextbrick that offer to manage Big Data for a subscription fee.

While looking for such companies that can manage big data analytics on your behalf, you should look for certain qualities before committing, such as:

  • A reputation for delivering projects on time.
  • A good team that consists of industry veterans or established personalities.
  • Cutting edge technology and reliable research methodology while working with data collection and interpretation.
  • Compliance with all legal rules and guidelines related to business.
  • Ties and alliances with well established companies.

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