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Salesforce communities- Everything you need to know

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Salesforce community is an online platform that allows companies to expand their business by connecting their partners, customers, and employees with each other. With the help of this community, anyone can ask questions from other community members and find the answers to his question.

No matter you are operating a small or large business. But if you want to upgrade your brand loyalty or want to increase your customers then, the Salesforce communities will be the right choice for you. In this world of digitization, communication with the customers, employees, partners is vital for the overall growth of the organization. That’s why companies and organizations are focusing more on collaborating and interacting ability.

So, if you want to attract traffic to your websites or want to enlarge your business then, you should try adopting Salesforce communities as this can provide you dozens of benefits.

Benefits of salesforce communities

Salesforce community is a great way to make connections with customers and employees and greatly impact the success of the business. Also, the salesforce provides better CRM (customer relation management) solutions. But it doesn’t stop there, the Salesforce also provides various marketing tools which help your business to grow better and bigger.

There are various benefits of adopting Salesforce communities that can help you stand on a higher and safer stage.

Stay connected always

Salesforce community helps the business to add new customers and retain old customers effectively with the help of an advanced communication platform. This new platform helps every user to interact with each other anytime and everywhere and solve all their queries.

Great customization

Salesforce communities enable the business to customize the features and theme of the gateway to match with the company’s brand name. Also, with the help of Salesforce marketing tools, you can increase or decrease the scope of access of every individual user. This allows you to easily handle the business activities and retain customers for a long time.

Beneficial for all

As this Salesforce community builds a single communication platform for all so, this will encourage more sharing and help. also, with the help of this platform customers can share files, documents, and help each other to solve their tasks.

How to get started with Salesforce?

If you are planning to take advantage of the Salesforce community then, there are few things you must know before setting up your salesforce profile.


There are 3 different editions of Salesforce community licensing i.e. customer, partner, and lightning external. Also, in each edition, there are two types of options i.e. login based and member-based.


Customer – This edition enables the users to get partial access to the community. In this edition, the users can design a case and acquire access through various documents.

Partner – This edition is for B2B which allows the business to store sales data. In other words, this is mainly a partner relationship management program.

Lightning external – this edition is helpful for all and allows the business to build portals to handle every activity.

Domain name – Under the Salesforce community, each org can attain up to 100 communities and every community must have a different domain name. along with this, the org will also have a default domain name under which all the communities run. No doubt that domain names are good for testing but to improve the growth of the company but using subdomains can help the business to have a higher reach.

Sandboxes – Sandboxes are a great way to test your business plans as this is a safer option as compared to production. The sandboxes will build up any code without any problems which are necessary for the growth of the business.

Templates – Salesforce communities offer unique and advanced templates which help business owners to advertise their business effectively and effortlessly. Also, this feature allows the business to build up a more secure platform with the best user-interface which attracts more and more audiences.


So, the Salesforce community offers you a great platform to build great connections with all the people necessary for the business. If you are planning to increase your sales, or increase your customers, or want to build strong connections then, choosing Salesforce is your best bet.

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