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SOLR Consulting Services

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Based on Lucene, Apache Solr (“Solr”) was the first widely deployed open-source search engine, and it was and remains an extremely popular alternative to commercial solutions. Solr is highly reliable, scalable and fault tolerant, and powers the search and navigation experience for many of the world’s largest internet sites.

We work in a detailed approach which sets the milestone and achievable targets for both consultant and customer to track progress.

Result-based consulting services for your project

Our SOLR consultants have the depth and breadth of the SOLR experience and technical knowledge to help you deliver the project within timelines and reach business use cases and make it success. Our team is globally spread and it makes us distributed which helps in virtual delivery options that make it easy to connect with our consultants, no matter your location or time zone.

NextBrick’s provides wide range of services in different areas of project. Nextbrick’s has very eminent consultants working in complicated projects.

Our SOLR Expertise

We have experience in delivering below services much efficiently and a detailed approach.

  • SOLR Training
  • SOLR Data Migration SOLR Search Design
  • SOLR Use Case Implementation Project Strategy Planning
  • SOLR Upgrade activities
  • SOLR Cluster Healthcheck SOLR Cluster Optimization
  • SOLR Cluster Best Practices.

Why NEXTBRICKS Consulting ?

Our deep SOLR technical knowledge and breadth of experience with projects and different customers and stakeholders will help accelerate your success and drive transformational outcomes.

  • Subsequent end-to-end consulting and implementation services for Solr include:
  • Search application assessment Search strategy consulting
  • Solr implementation, migration, and scaling / sizing Relevancy tuning / search engine scoring for Solr Search UI and dashboard development
  • Search AI enhancements with natural language processing, machine learning, and knowledge graph technologies
  • Data connectors for Solr
  • 24×7 support and managed search services

50+ SOLR Consultant across global timings

Our team Deliver outcomes faster. Consultants have real-world experience working on projects and deliver on time and within budget.

1000+ hours customer projects delivered

Maximize benefit. With the in depth expertise and delivery methodology, we can help guide decisions and quickly achieve optimal results.

50+ projects across customers

Apart from technical expertise, we assist in strategically planning and assisting customer with the business by sharing same thoughts and values.

Partner us for better outcomes.

Contact us to learn more about our strategy and planning

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