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Sitecore Upgrade from 8.2 to 10.2

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Sitecore Upgrade services

Unlock a world of possibilities with the latest Sitecore upgrade, embracing cutting-edge platform features and invaluable fixes. Step into the future of digital experiences with a seamless Sitecore upgrade! Embrace the latest platform features, enjoy enhanced fixes, and elevate your digital strategy to new heights.

Why Should you go for Sitecore upgrade?

Opting for a Sitecore upgrade can bring about numerous compelling reasons and advantages for your business. Furthermore, the advantages extend beyond mere technological advancements. Upgrading to the current version of Sitecore grants the assurance of mainstream support, providing timely assistance and expert guidance. This, in turn, instills confidence in businesses, allowing them to focus on delivering personalized, omnichannel experiences.

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, staying relevant is paramount. By keeping their Sitecore platform up to date, businesses can cater to their customers’ ever-changing needs and preferences effectively. Embracing the latest advancements and features elevates the overall user experience, enabling businesses to forge stronger connections.

Moreover, a Sitecore upgrade presents a unique opportunity to revisit and optimize digital strategies. Organizations can reevaluate their content management, personalization tactics. And customer engagement approaches to align them seamlessly with the platform’s advanced capabilities

In this blog we will teach you how to upgrade sitecore from 8.2 to 10.2 .

Please reach out to us if you want to learn more.

Local Environment Upgrade Activities
Main StorySummary
Upgrade .Net Framework and Nuget packages
Upgrade Shared libraries Project
Clean Up unwanted code from existing Code base
Clean Up unwanted code from existing Sitecore
Local 8.2 environment set up
Compile Sitecore 8.2 code to 10.2Upgrade Custom Assemblies
Upgrade Sitecore databases
Upgrade Custom Events, Custom Pipelines, Custom Commands,Custom handlers
Upgrade glassmapper
Compare configs with default configs for any direct configuration updates and move them to separate patch config files
Review, Upgrade and clean up Sitecore patches and hot fixes
Upgrade Solr.Upgrade Solr
Review, Upgrade and clean up Sitecore patches and hot fixes
review and convert to Webform
Upgrade search related code compatible to target version
Configure Solr upgrade to sitecore 10.2
Move indexes from older solr to new solr
Compare solr config and schema from older to newer solr
Make older solr code compatible to sitecore 10.2
Update sitecore solr configuration compatible to 10.2
Install Vanilla Sitecore 10.2
Sitecore 10.2 solution setupSync updated databases
Integrate and upgrade code solution
Analyzing the MongoDB setup in existing SC8.2 instance
Prepare strategies for migration data from mongodb to sql db
Code upgrade related to mongo to sql query in VS solution
Review of DB Data Schema and UserRepository DB Data Schema
xDb UpgradeReview of Sitecron Jobs and code implementation
Create data schema for SQL
Write script to move data from mongo tables to sql
Unit Testing on local environement
Move bookmarks Mongo collections to SQL
Analysis on moving users from Mongo to SQL
Create logic flow diagram from Mongo to SQL
sitechron jobs
TDS UpgradeSetup TDS for content sync
move xdb contacts facets with sitecore xdb migration tool
Refactor code generation using TDS
Fix run time errors after migration
Create Transform files for CI/CD
Users, roles migration
Post Migration Activities.Users, roles migration unit test
Review code and config changes during upgrade
Fix code and config reviewes
Unit test xConnect/ Analytics and fix issues
Local XP1 Docker set Up
Docker setup with 10.2 instance.Application Unit Test with Docker
Integration Environment Upgrade
Integration Environment Ready
Integration Environment Set upDevOps activities
Website Unit test
Testing and Issues fixing
QA Environment SetUp
QA environment Set up.DevOps activities
Website Unit test
Issues testing and Issues fixing
Production Environment SetUp
Deploy code base and upgraded databases
Production Environment SetupCode merge from Development branch
DevOps activities
UAT Client Testing and Issues fixing
Fix issues after merging code
Website unit test
`Upgrade Sitecore Databases
Deploy code base and upgraded databases
Website unit test
UAT Client testing and Issues fixing
GO Live

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