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What are Apache Solr and its advantages?

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Apache Solr can be defined as a code layer which covers Lucene and that transforms the same into a search platform used for the creation of search applications. Apache Solr features several capabilities which can spin the core search-capability and then turn the same into Full-fledged search applications. It offers users the chance to make the selection to work directly with the associated license library for exploring and manipulating competencies of lower Lucene.

Solr is designed to serve the paginated requests and here the top N documents are only returned right on the first page and give faster response as each one of the requests will return a small subset from the complete search results. One unique feature of Apache Solr is auto-suggest which allows the user to begin typing with a few characters and then receive a big list of queries suggested based on these type. It is empowered to make exact spell correction and that too automatically depending on the fact whether such misspelled term is present there in the index. It also offers Multilingual SUPPORT which supports and it provides text analysis solutions which are language-specific and that also for many languages.

If you are planning for the installation of Apache Solr then you need to know about the advantages which it offers.

5 important benefits of the Apache Solr

  1. Speed – Solr functioning happens entirely on Java. It delivers at a sub-second for almost all queries to provide results, and thus, in turn, it enhances the organizational efficiency of the firm.
  2. The complete capability of delivering query – This search technology covers almost everything starting from the proximity of spell-checking operators to offering multi-lingual search.
  3. Holistic Results – Solr is competent to offer full-result processing which covers relevancy-sorting and also sorting with use of a date or any other given field as well as dynamic summaries.
  4. Probability – It has the capability to run on any platform which remains compatible with the Java. Aside to this, its indexes are highly portable and that too across different platforms.
  5. Complex Weighting – Solr search is having the strong ability to score results which are based on the number of parameters, at time of indexing as well as at the time of searching.

Apart from the above 5, there are several other benefits which you can enjoy when you decide to invest and install Apache Solr.

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