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What are the differences between Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning?

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Artificial Intelligence is something which refers to the technology. This is the technique which has been used by the person so that they can easily complete all the complex task easily. Artificial Intelligence also deals with computer systems that can mimic humans. It is the ability of the computer to function like a human brain. It basically involves replicating the human brain, the way it works, it thinks and it reacts.

Machine learning is a subset of Artificial Intelligence. Machine learning basically involves extracting knowledge from the data.

Artificial Intelligence as mentioned above is a technology, which allows a computer to act like a human brain and function like it. On the other hand, Machine learning is a subset of Artificial Intelligence allowing a machine to learn from past data without programming.

The ultimate goal behind Artificial Intelligence is to develop smart machines like a human brain that can solve complex problems easily. The goal of Machine learning is to analyze the extracted data to get better results.

The major example of Artificial Intelligence is Siri which acts like humans and answers the queries that you ask in the iOS system.

The example of Machine Learning is Facebook auto friend tag options. It is through the data which Facebook analyzes and shows you the options of tagging.

Artificial Intelligence has a wider scope than the Machine learning where the scope is comparatively narrow.

Artificial Intelligence includes learning, reasoning, and self-correction. Machine learning, on the other hand, includes learning and self-correction when introduced with new data.

The aim of Artificial Intelligence is to increase the chance of success and not accuracy. The aim of Machine Learning is to increase accuracy, but it does not care about success.

Artificial Intelligence leads to intelligence or wisdom. Machine learning leads to knowledge.

Artificial Intelligence is a broader term and has been founded to help mankind with the help of machines and machine learning as described above is a subset of Artificial Intelligence that helps you to analyze the data and make wiser decisions for a business or any other field. This is the best way in which one can easily collect all the required information’s regarding different things in less duration of time. It is the best way of getting all the required information while saving time and effort.

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